Why are Magnetic Lashes Becoming More Popular than the Classic Falsies? Here’s the Reason Why!

Why are Magnetic Lashes Becoming More Popular than the Classic Falsies? Here’s the Reason Why!


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Number of women out there will love wearing those thick, long lashes that look really natural. False eyelashes are born for the people who have naturally thin, short lashes. 
None of us will invest in certain products that will not give us complete happiness for a lifetime, definitely not! But this beauty trend is an exception, though it won’t last for a lifetime, it’ll give us happiness for a longer time! If we have choices, we’ll probably choose something that will last longer, and these magnetic lashes best suit the description above, this can be considered as an investment for beauty lovers. No matter how big or small things are, we give importance to them. And the things we use in our everyday life need to adjust according to our plans.
Looking further, here are the possible reasons why these magnetic lashes are taken over the place of the traditional falsies. The reason why they got top spot in the beauty industry around the world!

Easy to use

Nowadays, women would prefer using products that don't require too much time and too much effort when wearing. Many product designers and manufacturers often forget that women will always prefer to do things the quickest way possible while enhancing their physical appearances.

These magnetic lashes shorten the routine by skipping some steps in applying traditional false eyelashes. It eliminates the use of traditional lash glue which takes time to dry up, magnetic particles on the lashes and eyeliner join forces to stick the lash bands to the lids. 

Not wasteful

The magnetic eyeliner used in connecting the lashes to the lids can also be used as normal eyeliner we know because of its dark pigment. Whether the user wears the magnetic lashes or not, it’s going to be a win-win situation with the eyeliner applied on the lids for your perfect cat-eye look!

Comfortable to wear

Eliminating the use of lash glue in the entire process gives lightweight experience for users when wearing these magnetic lashes. This is more comfortable and women will enjoy wearing them throughout the day. When you use a more lightweight false lashes, you’ll worry less about falling them off. 


As these magnetic lashes are not exposed to strong adhesives, their life lasts longer, the quality of the product can be maintained over time if you’ll take good care of them. Ladies can wear these lashes again and again as long as you cleaned them well and put on its proper boxes every after use. 
Among the different types of beauty products available on the market, innovation is the key in catering the needs and meeting the expectations of the users. Magnetic lashes are the living proof that a trend does not always depend on how the product is being hyped and its popularity but because of the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability they’re given to people. 
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